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Thomas Pénide

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  • Innovative process engineering: a generic model of the innovation process

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    Thomas Pénide, Didier Gourc, Hervé Pingaud et Philippe Peillon. « Innovative process engineering: a generic model of the innovation process ». In : International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 26.3 (1er mars 2013). P. 183--200. ISSN : 0951-192X. DOI : 10.1080/0951192X.2012.717715.
    Innovation can be represented as a knowledge transformation process perceived with different levels of granularity. The milestones of this process allow assessment for its each step and set up feedback loops that will be highlighted. This innovation process is a good starting point to understand innovation and then to manage it. Best practices being patterns of processes, we describe innovation best practices as compulsory steps in our innovation process. To put into practice, the management of innovation in a concrete organisation, an alignment (in our case a mapping) between a repository of business processes and our typical innovation process, helps to describe which best practice applies to which business process.
    Keywords: alignment, best practices, bpm, business, innovation, modelling