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Management of the agility in collaborative planning processes of a supply chain: application on a cloud platform

Started on : 01/12/2012 Defended on : 09/04/2015
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The 'Centre d'Etudes Techniques de l'Equipement' who is in charge of road networks in west of France, must regularly deal with crisis situations, especially during weather events such as exceptional snowfalls in December 2010. The magnitude of these phenomena and their consequences on traffic shows how the management of these crises is complex and how coordination between numerous stakeholders (managers of transport routes, emergency preparedness, emergency services, etc. .) is fundamental. It is necessary to improve coordination. This research work aims to design and develop a Mediation Information System (MIS) dedicated to the crisis management and able to support coordination among stakeholders regarding the right information in the right format to the right actor. To do this two major axis are developed. First, the business level with the development of a hybrid process of deduction (ie knowledge-based actors and external databases), model of crisis and an ontology to support the response to the crisis. Second, the technical axis with the technical design of agile management solutions (responsive, flexible and effective) of this response based, on the one hand, on an information decision support system (Monitoring, Systems Indicators Performance ...) and, on the other hand, on a Mediation Information Systems (SOA principles respecting and implemented on an Enterprise Service Bus using a Model Driven Engineering approach...).

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