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Interoperability through mediation applied to collaboration under unstable condition: application to crisis management

Started on : 21/09/2015
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  • Axis 1 : IO
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These PhD works focus on the information systems in crisis management. The main idea is to enhance data retrieval and information analysis during a crisis situation, in order to create workable models for IT tools. One important aspect of this research work is the interpretation and the formalization of data. Two observations mark the beginning of this subject: (i) Crisis management is characterized by the fact that a multitude of actors has to collaborate in a very short time. (ii) The increase in the number of data sources (Internet of things, social networks,...), possibly heterogeneous, complicates the retrieval of information facilitating decision making. Consequently, the PhD works strive towards automating data retrieval and information analysis, with a view to enhancing the collaboration's dynamics. To this end, the PhD works will have to deal with two main research problems: (i) How to collect and transform heterogeneous data into useful information for decision making. This first contribution will be based on the one hand on data aggregation and data fusion mechanisms, on the other hand, on business rules in order to identify meaningful concepts for a given crisis situation. (ii) How to continuously maintain the situational model thus constituted, in order to ensure a permanent monitoring and an agile treatment of the crisis situation. This second contribution will have to implement diagnostic tools and transformation model mechanisms, in order to generate and maintain the right coordination scheme at the right time. This PhD works are in the continuity of the research project MISE (Mediation Information System Engineering), of the industrial engineering center of the “Mines d'Albi-Carmaux” (a French engineering school). It is also designed to contribute to the ANR GéNéPi project, started in October 2014, which studies the granularity of management levels in crisis context.

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