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Deduction of inter-organizational collaborative business processes within an enterprise social network

Started on : 01/10/2012 Defended on : 08/10/2015 Download the thesis
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Especially in the context of collaborative supply chains and virtual enterprises, the step of designing the collaborative workflows remains laborious because either it is still carried out humanly or the methods lack of flexibility. Based on an enterprise social network, this thesis aims at facilitating this step by proposing a service for the deduction of collaborative processes. It raises three main issues: (i) finding the activities to execute that answer the objectives of the collaboration (What?), (ii) selecting the corresponding partners (Who?) and (iii) ordering the activities into a collaborative business process (When?). Moreover, it is expected that many companies could be able to provide the same activities, on the enterprise social network. In this competitive context, a global optimization should be set up in order to find the quasi-optimal collaborative process that answer these three questions simultaneously. A three-dimensional solution is proposed here. First, a non-functional framework has been set up in order to determine the criteria that make a « good » partner in a specific collaborative context. Then, collaborative ontologies have been implemented and enable the representation and the acquisition of collaborative knowledge, so that the IT system can understand (a) the user's needs when they model their objectives of collaboration and (b) the user's capabilities when they model their profiles on the enterprise social network. And finally, a tool for decision support has been implemented thanks to an ant colony optimization algorithm that exploits the collaborative ontologies in order to provide a quasi-optimal process that fits the context of the collaboration and answers its objective. The results are in line with the FUI French project OpenPaaS which aims at offering an enterprise social network to facilitate their collaborations.

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