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"Agile Supply Chain", a Mines Albi Chair with Pierre Fabre Laboratories

Signature of the chair agreement on April 20, 2016.
From left to right : Frédéric Thivet (Deputy Director and Research Director, Mines Albi), Alain Schmitt (Director, Mines Albi), Matthieu Lauras (Associate Professor and Scientific Director of the chair, Mines Albi), Olivier Cantin (Head, Global Logistics and Pierre Fabre Coordinator for the chair, Pierre Fabre), Bertrand Parmentier (Director, Pierre Fabre), Thierry Deanjean (Deputy Director, Pierre Fabre), Luc Péligry (Deputy Director, Pierre Fabre), René David (Endowment Fund Director, Mines Albi)


The « Agile Supply Chain» chair made its appearance in the Supply Chain Magazine, the reference professional journal in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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Matthieu Lauras answers questions from I'MTech and give us an explanation on the concept of Supply Chain Management.

  • Supply Chain and organizational process


The company chair « Supply Chain Agile » is the achievement of the work of more than 15 years of collaboration between Mines Albi and the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, and the beginning of a new dynamic cooperation, vector of future innovations, one of the areas of excellence of both partners.

Dedicated to the «agility» improvement of supply chains, this project represents an important turning point for Mines Albi that will house the research, because it is its very first company chair.

The Chair aims to address two commons issues encountered by organizations (enterprises, associations, etc.) in the areas of partners collaboration  :

  • First, the need to improve resistance of the partner network (suppliers, etc.). It especially includes the guarantee of the business continuity in the event of a major disruption (for example : default of an industrial partner, sharp increase of sales volumes, major quality problem of the product, etc.).
  • Second, the need of a global and coordinated management of the flows for the complete supply chain. It is a matter of being able to detect in real time the possible disruptions at any level of the supply chain and to propose possible behavioral adjustments (production orders changes, revision of the priorities, modes of transport shift, introduction of an emergency sourcing, etc.).

The Chair has three fundamental axes : Research, Course and Dissemination of Knowledge.

It will bring togather, on those three axes, researchers, research engineers, doctoral students, as well as « visiting researchers » from foreign schools or universities for visits lasting several months. For this reason, a research program has already been established with the Physical Internet Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), throught the active participation of Prof. Benoit Montreuil. Regarding course, the chair represents a straight continuation of the MSc SCALE (Supply Chain And LEan management) sponsored by the Pierre Fabre Laboratories and co-managed by Toulouse Business School and Mines Albi.

This team of experts, which will be able to exploit Mines Albi's research infrastructures, should quickly benefit from an additionnal asset : the chair is planning a demonstration and testing plateform able to simulate a whole supply chain environment.



  • Scientific Director : Matthieu Lauras, associate professor at the Industrial Engineering Center,  Mines Albi
  • Sponsor : Pierre Fabre Laboratories
  • Academic Partners : Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) et Toulouse Business School (France)
  • Chair Agreement Partners : Mines Albi, Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Mines Albi's Endowment Fund