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Germain Lacoste

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  • Where do we stand with fuzzy project scheduling?

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    Pierre Bonnal, Didier Gourc, and Germain Lacoste. « Where do we stand with fuzzy project scheduling? ». In: Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 130.1 (16 Jan 2004). pp. 114--123. ISSN: 0733-9364. DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)0733-9364(2004)130:1(114).
    Fuzzy project scheduling has interested several researchers in the past two decades; about 20 articles have been written on this issue. Contrary to stochastic project-scheduling approaches that are used by many project schedulers, and even if the axiomatic associated to the theory of probabilities is not always compatible with decision-making situations, fuzzy project-scheduling approaches that Are most suited to these situations have been kept in the academic sphere. This paper starts by recalling the differences one can observe between uncertainty and imprecision. Then most of the published research works that have been done in this field are summarized. Finally, a framework for addressing the resource-constrained fuzzy project-scheduling problem is proposed. This framework uses temporal linguistic descriptors, which might become very interesting features to the project-scheduling practitioners.
    Keywords: activity times, generalized activity networks, pert