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Elyes Lamine

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  • Dynamic delay risk assessing in supply chains

    References :
    Elyes Lamine, Chokri Lajimi, Ouajdi Korbaa, and Amine Boufaied. « Dynamic delay risk assessing in supply chains ». In: IET Intelligent Transport Systems (16 Aug 2016). pp. . ISSN: 1751-956X, 1751-9578. DOI: 10.1049/iet-its.2015.0235.
    To be competitive, supply chains must be able to analyse and to evaluate, in real-time, critical differences between the short-term planned actions and the actual performed actions generating states of undesirable or unacceptable risk. The authors propose in this study, a method for monitoring the dynamic evolution of risk associated to delays affecting the transportation operations. They use the failure mode and effects analysis around failure scenarios and they evaluate risk using probability and cost. A failure scenario probability is estimated dynamically in discrete points based on event occurrences during the process execution. Delay risk is then assessed on-line and preventive actions can be undertaken before execution ended. The implementation of this method is performed by monitoring a delivery process facing risks associated to delays in the transport stream.
    Keywords: delays, probability, Risk management, supply chain management, transportation
  • Plas'O'Soins: A software platform for modeling, planning and monitoring homecare activities

    References :
    Rémi Bastide, Pierre Bardy, Bernard Borrel, Catherine Boszodi, Marinette Bouet, Kahina Gani, Éric Gayraud, Didier Gourc, Elyes Lamine, Pierre-Henri Manenq, Michel Schneider, and Farouk Toumani. « Plas'O'Soins: A software platform for modeling, planning and monitoring homecare activities ». In: Irbm 35.2 (Apr 2014). pp. 82--87. ISSN: 1959-0318. DOI: 10.1016/j.irbm.2014.02.008.
    Demographic changes in recent years have contributed to a shift in care models, with the development of homecare as a new alternative to traditional hospitalization. We present a software platform dedicated to the modeling, planning and monitoring of homecare workflows, developed in the framework of the French research program TecSan. The platform is used on the desktop by care coordinators, and on the go by care workers using mobile devices. (C) 2014 Published by Elsevier Masson SAS.